Like a Mighty Water

Spring Quarter

This quarter, we have divided ourselves into three ‘sub-committees’.  Andrew Wright is leading one group that will work with another Fuller office that is leading an effort in Pasadena to help potential homeless persons avoid falling into that trap.  Kent Davis Sensenig, one of our two co-chairs, is leading a group that is focusing on various issues, e.g. immigration, food, and Katrina disaster relief, that fits broadly under the umbrella of economics.  Alethia Bailey and Ryan White are leading a group on Middle East issues.

Currently, we are meeting at the normal Tuesday, 10 a.m. time; we meet as a large group, then divide into our sub-groups to plan what we will do in May.  Then in May, each group will have a week to make a presentation to the entire group during the normal time slot or engage in some other sort of action on campus.  The groups are free to do whatever seems most appropriate for their group.

This quarter is a bit experimental, so let us know what you think or use the blog as a bulletin board to communicate with other PJCCers.  God bless!

Next Quarter

Based on what we have heard from informal conversations with various PJCCers, we came up with some possibilities for next quarter. Continue reading this entry »